Attracting Women – The Ways to Get Hundreds of Women Interested With You

Have you seen the guy that has numerous women all around him. He doesn’t really look any better than you, he really isn’t more successful, richer or anything else of “substance.” He just knows things that you do not. Primarily he knows some important rules for attracting women. Mainly he understands the “rules of attraction” and knows the ways that these can get and keep women interested. To learn a little part of the secrets these guys know please read on…

Learn to attract women and to get them interested in you

Attracting women is like fishing. I do not mean this in any derogatory or demeaning manner but it is true. Likely they way you have been going about your fishing/dating is like this: you see a fish and cast your line, if she doesn’t bite you try again and again. Here is the truth, if this is your method you will surely get some, but it will take forever and will take effort. You might get it on the first cast or it may take 1000, or the fish may never ever bite. This is a really inefficient method.

Our successful guys understand the rule of attractions.

One of these important rules is that women become more interested when they perceive you to be more interesting to other women. You may have noticed this when you receive glances from other women when out on a date. It just naturally happens. To be really successful with women one of the best things to do is go after volume. Go and get a lot of numbers. Do not just hit on one girl when you meet her. Hit on twenty. Some will not be interested, but some will. As you have more and more women become attracted, more will become interested because they see the previous ones attracted to you. To return to the fishing analogy, this is like fishing with a big net. If you cast it into waters with a lot of fish, you almost cannot help to pull back a ton.

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