How to Get Women Interested in Self-Defense Programs

Unfortunately, it’s a little hard to get women interested in self-defense programs. This is really quite a shame considering the fact that women are often targeted by criminals. A lot of crimes are committed on women each day and one would think that all women will be scrambling to attend a self-defense program. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. Here are just some of the reasons why they’re not interested:

1. They feel that self-defense programs are for men.

2. They’re scared they might get injured or embarrassed.

3. They don’t have the time needed to devote themselves to a self-defense course.

4. They feel that they’re not going to get victimized.

5. They don’t think that there’s a need to attend a self-defense program.

If you’re a man, you have to know that it’s your responsibility to get the women in your life interested in self-defense programs. It’s up to you to make sure that they’re able to defend themselves when needed. If you’re a woman, the reasons above sound familiar, right?

Here are the rebuttals to the reasons and alibis above to make women interested in attending a self-defense program:

1. Yes, there are a lot of self-defense programs for men. However, there are now a lot of programs designed specifically for men. The experts who developed these programs developed them simply because they feel that it’s now time to put an end to women being targeted by criminals.

2. If you choose a good program, you’re not going to get hurt except for some body pain brought upon by your body adjusting to the sudden amount of exertion. Once you get used to it, you’ll welcome this body pain. Besides, a little rest can take care of the little body pain. The same can’t be said for the pain and suffering brought upon by crimes on women.

3. There are now self-defense programs that you can do at home. Enough said.

4. Women are the favorite targets of criminals. Women like you are victimized all the time and they are victimized even in their own homes.

5. If you know how to defend yourself, you can drastically reduce the chances of you falling victim to a crime. We only have one life. We have to do everything in order to preserve it.

If you’re a man, support the women in your life by introducing them to self-defense programs. If you’re a woman, check them out yourself so you can see why there’s a need to attend one.

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